Where to find it
As the title says, this is where to find instruments, music and accessories.
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The following sites have free dulcimer tablature for you to download, print and use!!
Page from the Grand Old Dulcimer Gazette.

Ben Seymour - http://www.kudzupatch.net/tab.htm
Everything Dulcimer - http://www.everythingdulcimer.com/tab/
Linda Brockington - http://www.lindabrockinton.com/ArchiveFreeTab.html
Joe Collins - http://www.jcdulcimer.com/free_tab.htm
Dulcimer Den - http://www.dulcimerden.net/MDtab.html
Doofus - http://www.doofusmusic.com/tablature.htm
Tull Glazener - http://www.tullglazener.com
Gourd Mt. Music (Neal Helman) - http://www.gourd.com/dulcimertabs.html
Folk Music TAb - http://www.guitarnut.com/folktablature/index.html
Tom & Missy Struthers - http://www.strothers.com/tabs.htm
Margaret Wright - http://www.geocities.com/pickinwright/tab.htm
Katie Waldren - http://www.katiewaldren.com/tab.html
Terry Lewis - http://bellsouthpwp.net/d/u/dulcimer/page2.html
Maryland Mt. Dulcimer Society - http://www.the-g2.com/mdmt/Club_Tune_List.htm
Don Pedi - http://www.donpedi.com/Tab.htm
Lorinda Jones - http://www.lorindajones.com/FreeTablature.html
Owl Mountain - http://www.owlmntnmusic.com/dulcimertablature.htm
Strum Hollow - http://www.strumhollow.com/tab_archives.htm

This is a neat site I found for string sizing chart.
Strother's Web site- http://www.strothers.com/string_choice.htm

This site is for a National Educational certification program preparing musicians to provide therapeutic music at the bedside.

If you haven't found this website, this is tab editing software that is free to try and supports Mountain Dulcimers.


If you are into Theory and study the dulcimer, this site is helpful:

Also there are the Friends of mountain Dulcimers: