There are numerous dulcimer festivals and workshops held every year--some close to the Beaumont area and others at more distant locations. Following are a few of the meetings which our club members look forward to:
We are currently updating the information here, however, the following link will give a somewhat updated view of states' festivals:

Justin Marquez of the North Harris County Dulcimer Society performed an invaluable service to all of us when he compiled information about Dulcimer Clubs, Festivals, Bands, Concert Venues, Teachers, and Instrument Builders and listed it all on his web site at Check it out, and then let Justin know how much we appreciate his work.
And while you're at it, visit Jerry Wright's East Texas Dulcimers site at He has included an extensive list of links to other sites which will be of great interest to "folks who enjoy dulcimer and folk music." SETDF has recently been added to this list. Thanks, Jerry.

The most recent link (added in March, 2002) is, a site created by Bruce W. Ford. Bruce explains his purpose this way: "The mission of is to provide the curious public, dulcimer players and enthusiasts with 'one-stop shopping' for dulcimer information and resources." Our club and the Annual Southeast Texas Dulcimer Festival held in September are listed, along with those in many other areas. Please go to this very attractive site, check out the information given there about our club, and let me know of any corrections or additions which should be made in order to better inform others about our organization and its activities.